My books


“The Japan book”. Gritty street photography from Japan.




Skjermbilde 2013-12-04 kl. 08.47.32

“9289”. Grainy and gritty sketches from a Trans-Siberian journey.


“(my) Afghanistan” – 168 color pages, 12x17cm. My documentary work on the people of Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

Price: 27 € / 30 US$ / 250 NOK shipping included.

To order a copy, make your Paypal payment to and leave me a message with your address.


“Omoide” – 104 b/w pages, 15x23cm. beautiful Polaroid peel-apart photos from Japan.

8 Comments on “My books

  1. Great Andrea. Look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures. Would also like to send a copy to the Royal Society of Asian Affairs in London of which I am a member. They wiuld be very interested to see it.

  2. Thanks, John. I suspected it was you 😉 I’m gonna send it tomorrow. Hope you like it.

  3. Ciao Andrea, complimenti per il tuo libro nuovo.
    Note: my PayPal will say “Janet” instead of me. Not to worry, it’s for me!

  4. Pingback: My new book is out: (my) Afghanistan | Il cimento della fotografia

  5. I stumbled upon your books some time ago and wanted to let you know they are on my bookshelf and a constant source of inspiration. Congrats on the new gallery and good luck with that venture.

  6. Thanks for your nice words, Jeffrey. I’ll check out your web (am not on Facebook). It’s always nice to get in touch with people like you!

  7. saw your bag on Japan Camera Hunter….I travel the same way, and (correctly) presumed that I would enjoy your work. Nice images, well done and I will look back again. Ciao! Jeffrey

    facebook: Jeffreysklanphotography

    web ( kinda bland…)

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