My books


“The Japan book”. Gritty street photography from Japan.




Skjermbilde 2013-12-04 kl. 08.47.32

“9289”. Grainy and gritty sketches from a Trans-Siberian journey.


“(my) Afghanistan” – 168 color pages, 12x17cm. My documentary work on the people of Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

Price: 27 € / 30 US$ / 250 NOK shipping included.

To order a copy, make your Paypal payment to and leave me a message with your address.


“Omoide” – 104 b/w pages, 15x23cm. beautiful Polaroid peel-apart photos from Japan.

8 Comments on “My books

  1. saw your bag on Japan Camera Hunter….I travel the same way, and (correctly) presumed that I would enjoy your work. Nice images, well done and I will look back again. Ciao! Jeffrey

    facebook: Jeffreysklanphotography

    web ( kinda bland…)

    • Thanks for your nice words, Jeffrey. I’ll check out your web (am not on Facebook). It’s always nice to get in touch with people like you!

  2. I stumbled upon your books some time ago and wanted to let you know they are on my bookshelf and a constant source of inspiration. Congrats on the new gallery and good luck with that venture.

  3. Pingback: My new book is out: (my) Afghanistan | Il cimento della fotografia

  4. Ciao Andrea, complimenti per il tuo libro nuovo.
    Note: my PayPal will say “Janet” instead of me. Not to worry, it’s for me!

  5. Great Andrea. Look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures. Would also like to send a copy to the Royal Society of Asian Affairs in London of which I am a member. They wiuld be very interested to see it.

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